UEF Learning environment seminar 2019

Registration for the UEF Learning Environment Seminar 2019 is now open. The seminar will be held in Joensuu 27.-28.8. Theme of the seminar is pedagogical diversity in a digitising learning environment. Sign up for the seminar by 12.8. by the training calendar.

You can find out more about the seminar’s program at the seminar website.

Seminar is for UEF staff and students.

Exceptions to opening hours of Student and Learning Services offices

  • Joensuu campus: closed on Mon 8 April (staff development day)
  • Kuopio campus: closed on Tue 9 April (staff development day)
  • both campuses: open 12-14 on Thu 18 April (Maundy Thursday)
  • both campuses: open 12-14 on Tue 30 May (the eve of May Day)



Short term loans for UEF laptop computers are now available

There are 10 HP laptops and 2 iPads for short term loans available on both UEF campuses. The devices are meant to be borrowed only for a short term, up to 4 hours at a time.

To borrow a device, register as a user for the Optima vending machine, located in the Joensuu university library and the Kuopio Oppari facilities.  

For more information about borrowing the devices, see asiointi.uef.fi (eServices) or Kamu https://kamu.uef.fi/en/student-book/oppari-services-for-students/

IT Services 

The opening hours of general student services as of 1 February

As of 1 February, the customer service desks of general student services on both campuses are open Mon-Fri at 12-15. Exceptions to opening hours will be announced on the Student and Learning Services website. The customer service phone line (+358294458900) is open from 10 to 15.

If you cannot visit us during our opening hours, you can always book an appointment by contacting us at opiskelu@uef.fi.

You can order a transcript of records or a certification of student status yourself in WebOodi – Tools – Transcripts and certification of student status. These documents are signed digitally which means that they are as official as the traditional paper versions. More information on digital signature

Student Survey

University of Eastern Finland is taking part of the European Student Survey, which is part of the Europe Teaching Rankings. This survey is aimed at all students of the University of Eastern Finland. Please, participate in the survey by 28.2.2019. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The survey examines students´ commitment to their studies, interaction with teachers, quality of university’s services and opportunities to develop the skills of the working life created by studies.
Survey link: https://the-fi-2018.student-survey.streetbees.com

Forgot to register?

Re-registration at the Student and Learning Services

Student who fails to register at the university during the registration period (closing on 15 September), or a first-year degree student who registers as being absent but fails to submit the required documents proving the legal grounds for absence, will need to re-apply for the right to register in writing.

As a rule, students should re-register in person at Student and Learning Services and have with them a duly completed re-registration form and the required receipts indicating the payment of the re-registration fee and possible Student Union membership fee.

It is also possible to register by telephone or email, in which case the student should send the required receipts to Student and Learning Services by mail. When registering by telephone or email, students are recommended to contact Student and Learning Services in advance to agree on the procedure. The re-registration procedure is based on the Universities Act (558/2009, Section 39).

Printable document (pdf): Re-registration form

If a year or more has passed since the previous registration

If a year or more has passed since your last registration, you will need to present the required payment receipts of re-registration fee and possible Student Union membership fee and have an approved personal study plan (PSP) in WebOodi. If you do not have a valid user ID for the university’s IT services, the study plan should can be submitted on paper and be approved by the coordinator of the study programme.

First-year degree students who register as being absent but fail to submit the required documents

According to the Universities Act, a first-year degree student may register as absent for the academic year for for the following reasons only:

  1. service under the Conscription Act (1438/2007), Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007), or Act on Women’s Voluntary Military Service (194/1995);
  2. maternity, paternity or parental leave;
  3. the student cannot begin studies due to being incapacitated by personal illness or injury. In this case, it could be made clear that this entails incapacity for the entire semester or academic year.

Students who register as absent must prove the legal grounds for their absence. Documents proving the legal grounds for absence should be sent by post to Student and Learning Services by 30.9. Students who fail to do this will lose their right to study. If they wish to start their studies later, they must re-apply for the right to register and pay the re-registration fee.

Re-registration fee

A re-registration fee of EUR 35 will be collected from re-registering students. The fee will be collected from all the students who fail to register at the university as being present or absent during the registration period. The re-registration fee will not be collected from students who after discontinuing their studies wish to register as being present, if they register during the academic year in which the discontinuation ended.

The re-registration fee is paid into a the University of Eastern Finland bank account found in the re-registration form.

Further information: