Career counselling and advice

Career planning is a process that lasts throughout your time in university and should be started at the beginning of your studies. That is when you are faced with a network of various career paths and having to constantly choose between different opportunities. The purpose of career planning is to find a clear goal for your studies. The ultimate goal is to find a job that matches your aspirations and qualifications.

Career counselling supports you in making decisions when you plan your studies and career by offering tools that help you with increasing self-knowledge, evaluating different education and employment opportunities, and setting personal goals.

Career counselling is offered in the form of one-on-one discussions or group counselling sessions. One-on-one discussions between the student and the career counsellor are confidential. As a student/recent graduate, you can use the discussions to reflect upon your future, education or working life to find solutions to any issues that may be troubling you. The discussions are always based on your questions and needs.

Make an appointment for your first one-on-one discussion by filling in the initial mapping of career counselling form.

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Joensuu Campus
Kirsi Vallius-Leinonen, Career Counsellor
email: firstname.lastname(at)

Outi Suorsa, Career Counsellor, Coordinator
email: firstname.lastname(at)

Kuopio campus
Janne Saarela, Career Counsellor
email: firstname.lastname(at)