Before departure - checklist for exchange students

Before leaving University of Eastern Finland for your home country:

  • Give notice to end your student housing lease at least one full calendar month before you leave.
  • Fill out the Departure Information Form/ Request for Transcript, and return form in person to Student and Learning Services and ask for your Transcript of Academic Records. It can be issued if all your courses/results are already in your records, otherwise the transcript will be sent to you later.
  • Ask for a Letter of Confirmation at the International Mobility Services, if you would like to have one. NB! You can have this only 7 days before your departure. If your home university has asked to return their own forms, please bring them with you for signing.
  • Give feedback of your stay. You will receive instructions from the International Mobility Services.
  • Return all the library books you have borrowed and pay the possible overdue fees.
  • Return your survival package to the Student Union office, if you had one.
  • Check that all your bills are paid. Close your Finnish bank account.
  • Confirm your travel arrangements (e.g. tickets) and check the regulations for luggage weight (if applicable).
  • After properly cleaning up your room, return the keys in order to get your housing deposit back.