Doctoral education

It is possible to continue studying at the University of Eastern Finland after obtaining your Master’s degree. Possible scientific postgraduate degrees in the university include licentiate and doctorate degrees. Some fields also offer professional postgraduate degrees, such as the medical physicist’s and chemist’s degrees. The University of Eastern Finland has organised scientific postgraduate studies into doctoral programmes.

The aim of scientific doctoral education is to educate researchers and specialists to work independently. A doctorate can be a qualification requirement for some positions. The aim of the training is to provide the students with the capacity to solve scientific problems and produce new scientific knowledge independently.

Eligibility for doctoral studies

According to the Universities Act (558/2009, section 37): “Eligible applicants for studies leading to an academic or artistic licentiate or doctoral degree have completed:

1) a relevant Master’s degree awarded by a university;

2) a relevant Master’s degree awarded by a university of applied sciences; or

3) a relevant applicable study programme abroad which in the awarding country gives eligibility for the corresponding level of higher education.

If the student applies for a doctoral study right in a different subject than the major subject of his/her degree, the university can require the student to complete the required amount of supplementary studies to obtain the abilities required for the studies.

Applying for the right to doctoral studies

The right to doctoral studies is applied for one of the university’s doctoral degree programmes.  The faculty in question grants the right to pursue doctoral studies, appoints the supervisors of the research project and approves the research plan. Those considering doctoral studies must discuss the matter with their possible supervisor(s) before applying.

The UEF Doctoral School coordinates doctoral education at the university and provides more information on doctoral education opportunities together with the doctoral programmes and faculties.

UEF Doctoral School


UEF Doctoral School