According to the Equality Act, universities and other bodies providing education and training must ensure that women and men have equal opportunities for education, training and
professional development, and that teaching, research and instructional materials support the attainment of equality (Section 5). Special attention must be given to equality and equal opportunity in student selections, the organisation of teaching and the evaluation of study performance. Furthermore, measures to ensure the prevention and elimination of sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination must be promoted. The faculties are recommended to review their study processes and obstacles to the completion of studies particularly from the perspectives of equality and equal opportunity. The duty of the university’s equality committee is to monitor that a student’s gender, age, background or any personal quality does not place him or her in an unequal position compared to the other students.

The UEF Equality and Equal Opportunities Policy was approved on 31 January 2010. The Equal Opportunities Committee has drawn up Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Programme for years 2017 – 2018 and it describes the current situation regarding gender equality and equal opportunities at the university. Read more here.