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Student’s rights and obligations

In your studies, you may run into situations that make you feel like your legal protection as a student is violated. Such situations may involve the student admissions procedure, grading of study attainments or the publication of examination results. Or maybe you experience unfair treatment or harassment.

Information on the student’s rights and obligations has been compiled on this page.

The Study Regulations contain the rules and principles applying to studying and teaching such as the grading of study attainments, study completion methods and the practices related to announcing the examination results. Students should also familiarise themselves with the curricula of the faculties, which usually include regulations that go into more detail than the Degree Regulations.

The Student Union will also provide assistance in matters related to a student’s legal protection. If you feel like you are not treated fairly or need assistance in making a request for rectification, you can contact the Student Union’s Specialist (Academic and Social Affairs) at koso (at) or the Anti-Harassment Contact Person at soko (at)