Exchange studies as part of your degree

University of Eastern Finland assigns credits in accordance with the common European ECTS system (European Credit Transfer System). One UEF credit is equivalent to one ECTS credit. A year’s full-time studies correspond to 60 credits, i.e. roughly 1,600 hours of work. This estimated workload includes lectures, exercises, seminars, exams, and independent study. There are two methods of evaluating courses: 1) pass/fail or 2) a numeric rating on a scale of 0−5 (5 being the best grade). These grades have their equivalents in the ECTS grading scale.

The ECTS system and Diploma Supplement (English-language appendix to the degree certificate) are used by all the UEF faculties.

Studies and traineeships completed abroad in accordance with their study plan will be recognised by University of Eastern Finland and transferred to the student’s degree. All students are required to make a Learning Agreement on the exchange studies before the beginning of the exchange. After completing their exchange, the students need to contact their department/school and make a request to get their studies completed abroad credited to their degree. A transcript of records and an (approved) Learning Agreement are required in the process. The transferring of the studies varies according to the subject and phase of the studies. The credits can be transferred in two ways: a study unit can substitute a similar UEF course or it may be included as a new study unit. Studies can be included as a minor subject as well.