Internationality on Yammer

Yammer groups are about free discussions on topics relevant to the group in question. Also, feel free to inform others about interesting events, possibilities etc. related to the topic of the group.

(Group name: group contents)

UEF opiskelijat/UEF students: information about student-related international matters such as application periods for outgoing exchange students

International Students: informal discussions between international students as well as topical news and bulletins for international students

Kv-keittiö: tarjolla aineksia kansainvälistymisen kehittämiseksi ja mukaan toivotaan paljon kokkeja: informal discussions and brainstorming related to international matters

Tohtorinkoulutus/Doctoral education: information on postgraduate events and seminars in English

UEF kv-tuutorit: bulletins for and informal discussions between tutors of international students

UEF lähtevät vaihto-opiskelijat // UEF Outgoing Exchange Students: information for outgoing exchange students as well as informal discussions and sharing experiences between those planning on student exchange and those who are currently/have already been on student exchange

UEF Summer School: information on Summer School for UEF students and staff; the UEF Summer School Facebook group will be utilised in the external marketing, and students from other universities attending the UEF Summer School will be informed about relevant matters via email and in the Facebook group