Student Tutoring for International Students

All incoming exchange students and Master’s degree students will be provided with a student tutor who helps the new students with practical matters and adjusting into the Finnish student life and culture.

The student tutor contacts the tutees before their arrival, meets them on their arrival and helps the new students with the registration at the university, and with housing and banking matters and any other practical question.

The student tutor is a link between the Finnish culture and the new international student and this is why we expect our tutors to speak Finnish.

All the student tutors are trained and they can also earn credits for the tutoring. The tutors for the exchange students can earn 3 ECTS and the tutors for the Master’s degree students can earn 4 ECTS .

We encourage the student tutors to work together and network with the other student tutors. The International Mobility Services, the Student Union, the Student Services, and other staff members are always there to help the tutors, as well as the new international student.

Further information about Student Tutoring in Finnish.

In case you have questions on the Student Tutoring for international students please contact:
Kirsi Konttinen

tel. +358 40 3552146
email international[at]

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