Student's obligations

Studying at the university has very few restrictions. With this freedom comes responsibility for your own studies and completing them in a timely manner. Students are helped with planning their studies, but usually not without them asking for help and support first. Students are also responsible for finding out what is needed to complete their studies, including the methods and practices. The ethical principles for studying must be complied with. Lying, cheating and plagiarism are prohibited at the university.

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Students must also behave appropriately towards their fellow students and the university staff. The university has published Guidelines to promote appropriate workplace behaviour in Heimo (login required). Students should also read these guidelines and follow the ones that apply to them. When you need to contact the university staff, it is polite to find out what their office hours are (if these have been set) and take these into consideration when making direct contact. The university is a work community as any other workplace. It is therefore prohibited to come to the university under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Students are also obliged to comply with the rules on information security and data protection. The user credentials given to students are always intended for personal use only and they must not be disclosed to others for any reason. The university email address can be used for personal correspondence, however, in moderation and avoiding any negative effects on the university’s operations. Using the university email address for commercial or political purposes is prohibited.

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