Study psychologist

What is a study psychologist and how can she help you?

The study psychologist works at the interface of educational advice and counselling and mental health work. The work of the educational psychologist focuses on supporting students in learning and in completing their studies and includes working with the individual, guiding study support groups as well as providing, for example, training relating to study skills.

If you are studying Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in University of Eastern Finland you can reserve an appointment from a study psychologist. At the appointment it is possible to discuss about difficulties related to studies. Common issues are for example troubles in time management or motivation, learning disabilities or how to cope with stress.

Counsellig is voluntarily, free of costs and  absolutely confidential.

Make an appointment

Unfortunately we are fully booked for autumn 2018. You may make an appointment with a study psychologist again in January 2019

When you write your message to the educational psychologist, please include your name, phone number and student number and also answer these questions:

  • What motivated you to apply your current studies?
  • What has gone well in your studies so far?  Describe your strenghts as a student on the basis of your previous studies.
  • What are you worried about in your studies or in your  present situation?
  • Are there some specific issues that you want to talk about in our meeting?

If you want to meet psychologist at the Joensuu campus, please send your message through this link. (Link is closed)

If you want to meet psychologist at the Kuopio campus, please send your message through this link.(Link is closed)

After psychologist has received your message, she will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the appointment with you.

Katri Ruth, Study Psychologist

Tel. +358 40 3552044
Kuopio campus: Mediteknia 1028