All degrees conclude with a supervised written paper called a thesis. The following is a list of theses at UEF:

  • Bachelor’s Thesis (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Master’s Thesis (Master’s degree)
  • Licentiate Thesis (Licentiate’s degree)
  • Doctoral Dissertation (Doctoral degree)

The writing processes of theses are supported by seminars in which the participants typically present their work and comment on each other’s thesis plans at various stages. This way all participants receive feedback and support for their own writing process from both the thesis supervisor and the other seminar participants.

The goals, form, language, and grading criteria of theses are defined in the curriculum of the respective faculty and/or academic subject. More information can be found in syllabuses and Study Communities. For extended information about licentiate theses and doctoral dissertations, please check the Doctoral Programmes website.

Examination and grading of theses

The examination and grading process vary depending on the level of thesis. A Bachelor’s thesis is graded by the teacher of the study module. Master’s theses are graded by the head of department, and their examination process is uniform throughout UEF.

Students whose Master’s theses are running behind schedule or are not progressing are offered help at the Gradutalli support group which helps students finish their theses (available in Finnish only).

The examination process and instructions for licentiate theses and dissertations can be found on the doctoral programmes website; please see the Thesis and Graduation page. General instructions can also be viewed on the Doctoral School webpage.

As per the decision (18.12.2014) of the UEF rector, the originality of all theses is to be verified via the plagiarism detection system.

Should the student be dissatisfied with the grading of his or her thesis, they may appeal for a revision. Instructions for the appeal are included alongside the grading decision.

Publicity and publication of theses

Theses written by degree students are principally public on the basis of the Constitution of Finland (731/1999 12,2 §) and Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999 1§). The guide of the Ministry of Education states that universities are obligated to ensure that theses do not include confidential material and that they become public immediately upon approval (Ministry of Education guidelines: Publicity of theses 28.1.2004 Jnl No. 3/5000/2004).

A university degree prepares students for scientific research, one key principle of which is openness. The University of Eastern Finland is committed to supporting the principles of open science and research, and strongly recommends Master’s theses and licentiate theses to be published with Open Access. Dissertations are always published, and a publishing agreement is made for dissertations that are published as a part of the UEF publication series.

Faculties’ Guidelines and Instructions for Theses

Please make sure to check your Study Community for possible additional instructions.