Thesis submission and evaluation

Instructions for submitting your thesis for examination

Plagiarism detection in Moodle by using the Turnitin software, prior to officially submitting your thesis for examination:

  • Upload your thesis to Moodle for your supervisor to perform plagiarism detection on it.
  • Your supervisor will review the plagiarism detection report. If everything is OK, your supervisor will send you an email and gives you permission to officially submit your thesis for examination in UEF // E-services.
  • Please be sure to submit the same version of the thesis to E-services that you uploaded to Moodle for plagiarism detection.

Officially submitting your thesis for examination in UEF // E-services:

  • Once your thesis has passed plagiarism detection, create a PDF/A file of it. Instructions on how to create a PDF/A file are available on the library’s website. Thesis file name: Surname_Firstname_Year.
  • Submit your thesis for examination by using the thesis submission form available in UEF//E-services. (If your thesis is a co-authored one, your co-author will receive a request to approve the thesis submission.)
  • Enter the name of the supervisor who performed plagiarism detection on your thesis, as well as the names of other supervisors.
  • Upload the plagiarism detection report as an attachment to the form (and your supervision agreement, if you have one).
  • Fill out all the fields of the form.
  • Select the level of access to your thesis, the UEF Library recommends Open Access publishing. Further information in UEF Publishing and Data Policy (pdf).
  • If you select that the decision relating to the examination and grading of your thesis can be communicated to you electronically, you will receive workflow emails to your email address from UEF//E-services (
  • When the examiners have issued their statement, the system will send you a request to respond to the examiners’ statement and grade proposal. The examination process will not proceed unless you respond to the statement.
  • Based on your response to the statement, the head of your department/school will make a decision on the grade of your thesis.
  • After the decision is made, your thesis will be entered in the study register, Oodi.

Complete process description for the theses included in the advanced studies / Master’s theses

  • Student (fills out the thesis submission form in UEF // E-services)
  • Supervisor performing plagiarism detection: Makes a proposal of the examiners to the head of the department/school. After the supervisor has established that plagiarism detection on the thesis has been performed and successfully passed, the supervisor makes a proposal of the examiners of the thesis.
  • Head of the department/school: Appoints the examiners. The head of the department/school appoints the examiners, who have one month to give their written statement on the thesis and to propose a grade for it. The one-month deadline does not apply to the period from 15 June to 15 August, when no teaching is organised in accordance with the Rector’s decision.
  • Official: Uploads the statements received from the examiners by email to the thesis workflow. Once the statements have been uploaded, the system will send the student an email asking her/him to respond to the statements.
  • Student: Hearing the student about the examiners’ statement and grade proposal. Once the student is notified of the examiners’ statement and grade proposal, she or he responds via the form in E-services and, if the student so chooses, includes a written statement (a rejoinder). The student has four alternatives to choose from: accept/suspend/written statement (rejoinder)/dispute (applicable to co-authored theses).
  • Head of the department/school: Grading of the thesis. The head of the department/school grades the thesis on the basis of the examiners’ statement, or suspends the examination process, if so requested by the student. If the examiners’ grade proposals differ from one another or if the student does not accept the proposed grade, the head of the school/department may use his or her discretion and appoint a third examiner. The student will be notified of the decision on the grade by email. If the student is dissatisfied with the grading of the thesis, she or he may apply for a rectification of the decision from the Board of Appeal of the University of Eastern Finland within fourteen days of receiving notification of the decision.
  • Entering the thesis in the study register: The official enters the graded thesis in the study register.
  • Publishing of the thesis: The thesis will be published by the library with the level of access selected by the student.
  • Archiving of the thesis: UEF // E-services automatically archives the thesis.

Further information:

University of Eastern Finland Degree Regulations (pdf), 1 January 2017,  Academic rector decisions

Additionally, departments, schools and degree programmes may have guidelines and instructions regarding MSc thesis evaluation and commencement.

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Faculty of Science and Forestry

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Philosophical Faculty