Download Tuudo, the mobile app for students

You too should download Tuudo now! Tuudo is a mobile app that supports you in your studies. It was first introduced at UEF on 8 November 2017.

Tuudo compiles your most often used, study-related services into a portable user interface.

The following can be found in Tuudo:

  • Registration for courses and exams
  • Your completed studies
  • Automatic timetable generator
  • Menus of campus restaurants
  • Public transport schedules
  • Other useful additional services, for example, for managing your finances

Tuudo uses push notifications to convey important messages and remind you of upcoming events in your timetable. Enable the use of push notifications when you install Tuudo. The application’s maps will be updated in line with the introduction of new campuses.

Tuudo is designed to make it easier for students to manage their time and life both on and off campus. Tuudo does not replace all the browser-based services offered by UEF, and using it is not mandatory for students.

Android and iOS devices support Tuudo. You can download Tuudo on your mobile phone from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Use your UEF username and password when you log in to Tuudo for the first time; no further logging in is needed.

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