University Computing Skills 8031006, 2 cp

Effective study skills are an important element in achieving academic success. Studying at a Finnish university may differ considerably from studying in some other country, and international students may discover that they need to adapt their study habits to be able to meet the academic requirements.

University Computing Skills (8031006, 2 CP) course helps you to effectively work, for example, with the text processing, spreadsheet and presentation software at the university environment.

The University Computing Skills course covers the following topics: Windows operating system, online services of the University of Eastern Finland, as well as introduction to the basic use of text processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

The student will learn how to create, e.g., tables and indexes, and how to use styles. The things to be covered as regards the spreadsheet programme and the presentation graphics software include, e.g., basic formulas and functions, charts and presentations.

After completing the course, the student can:

  1. use computers to aid in their studies
  2. use the various online resources and services of the University of Eastern Finland
  3. use the Moodle online learning environment
  4. produce a text document using styles, a table of contents, tables, images, graphs, references and various headers and footers
  5. produce simple tables and calculations and utilise functions and formulas with a spreadsheet tool
  6. create presentation graphics using a presentation tool.

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