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50-person limit on gatherings lifted, physical distancing and hygiene guidelines must still be followed [article]

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland decided on 17 May 2021 to ease restrictions on gatherings. Public events and general meetings organised indoors and in limited spaces outdoors may have more than 50 people attending, provided that their safety can be ensured. In practice, this means strict adherence to the physical distancing (2 […]

Teaching facilities [page]

In the names of teaching facilities, the letters refer to the building and the first number refers to the floor. The rooms on each floor are in numerical order. For example, room AG106 is located on the Joensuu campus in the Agora building on the first floor. Auditoriums are usually numbered from 100 upwards, e.g., […]

Accessibility in studies – aids and facilities [page]

Accessibility refers to the design of physical, psychological and social environments so as to allow everyone to function as equals despite their individual characteristics. At the university, accessibility is something that concerns all students and staff members; however, it is of particular importance to those members of the academic community who have a disability, who […]