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Career planning and study skills Career planning services, TE-services (only in Finnish or Swedish)– information on different degrees and qualifications in Finland assessments give you in-depth knowledge about yourself on topics ranging from career to personality and more Job markets Akava – trade union confederation of affiliates for highly educated people Labour union membership – […]

Career Planning course 1130007, 2cp [page]

1130007 Career planning – seeking a job or traineeship in Finland 2 ECTS Career and Counselling Services offers an online course on career planning. The course aims to give you the tools for career planning and successful application for jobs and/or traineeships. The key code to the Moodle course is ‘job seeking‘. Learn​ing outcomes After […]

Career counselling and advice [page]

Career planning is a process that lasts throughout your time in university and should be started at the beginning of your studies. That is when you are faced with a network of various career paths and having to constantly choose between different opportunities. The purpose of career planning is to find a clear goal for […]

Career planning [page]

Career and Counselling Services offers an online course on Career Planning 1130007. The course aims to give you the tools for career planning and successful application for jobs and/or traineeships. Learning outcomes After successful completion of the course, the student will be expected to have the following information and skills: The rules of the Finnish […]

Career support [page]

Courses in career planning and job searching To support career planning and enhance job searching skills of doctoral students, UEF Doctora School organises annually two courses: 1145021 Career planning portfolio for PhD students The aim of the course is to help the doctoral student to identify his/her strengths, development needs, interests, values and goals related […]

Career and counselling services – contact information [page]

Career and Counselling Services offer students guidance and advice as well as various training modules aimed at supporting study and career planning and high quality placement in working life after graduation. Placement and career follow-up data on graduates collected by Career Services annually is available both for students and for disciplines. Career and Counselling services […]

Academic career [page]

Postdoc-positions and funding If you target for an academic career, the postdoctoral phase is its first step after graduation as a PhD. You can apply for open postdoc positions, or postdoctoral funding for your own research. The open postdoc positions of Finnish universities can be usually found by using the search engine of TE-palvelut with […]

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JobTeaser job portal New job and traineeship offers for university students and graduates are advertised in the JobTeaser job portal. In the JobTeaser service, it is possible to sort job advertisements with numerous parameters. In the JobTeaser job portal, you will find Europe-wide job market: with ca. 15 000 job and traineeship advertisements. A selection […]

Practical training [page]

Practical training during studies is a great opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, improve their professional skills, narrow down their career choices, and make direct contact with potential employers. Having work experience in your own discipline, no matter how brief the period of employment, gives you an advantage over others in […]