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Studying at the Open University [page]

The open university is open for everyone. All studies are part of a university degree, and the wide range of studies opens up many opportunities for both degree-oriented studies as well as for updating your skills. Open University students complete the same courses as degree students. As a rule, there are no varying methods for […]

Degree students, remember to pay your FSHS healthcare fee to Kela by 31st January 2021! [article]

The student healthcare fee must be paid by all students who are completing a degree at a Finnish institution of higher education and have registered as attending for the term. No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus you have to pay the fee on your own initiative. In 2021, the healthcare […]

Student housing [page]

The student housing is offered by independent, non-profit student housing companies, that are not part of the University of Eastern Finland. They offer accommodation in different parts of the city but no on-campus dormitories are available. As an exchange student you can apply for housing as soon as you have received the official Letter of […]