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This is how the Guide to information retrieval was created. Use it! [article]

Guide to information retrieval was built in a library’s educational services development project. With the Guide to Information Retrieval and the library’s other learning materials, along with the library’s teaching and guidance services, the library supports students as they search for information – from the start of their studies to the completion of their theses. […]

UEF library [page]

University library The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) Library is a public scientific library offering state-of-the-art library and information services especially for the university’s 3000 staff members and 13 000 students. However, the library is also open to everyone else who is seeking information. The University of Eastern Finland Library is one single administrative entity […]

Information skills courses [page]

Information skills courses and support can be found on the University library’s website: Information skills courses (opens in a new tab) Information retrieval skills guides and instructions (opens in a new tab) Open learning materials on information skills (opens in a new tab)