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We are inviting applications for UEF Trainee positions for international degree students (UEF Trainee 2024 -programme) [article]

The aim of UEF Trainee -programme is to enhance employment possibilities of international degree students. In the programme, international degree students have a chance to work at UEF research groups or services, or at placements provided by collaborators for two months. During this period, international degree students will gain work experience in expert tasks and […]

Interested in the YUFE Student Journey? YUFE organizes Open Day information events on 18 April and 9 May 2023. Register now! [article]

YUFE Alliance’s (link opens in a new tab) Spring 2023 Student Journey Call is approaching. Many in UEF do not yet know what this is about – or that without a Student Journey right many of YUFE’s great possibilities for internationalization stay out of student’s reach. Luckily there is further information available! YUFE is organizing […]

Entrepreneurship studies and services [page]

Latest update 22nd of January 2024 The University of Eastern Finland has plenty of courses and services that can help you get familiar with entrepreneurship and map out your own interests, skills and opportunities to work as an entrepreneur. Support is available from basic entrepreneurship courses to starting a company and financing business ideas. For […]

Checklist for outgoing exchange students [page]

Checklist: before your exchange Start planning your exchange: Why do you want to go? What are your goals for the exchange? Where do you want to go? What do you want to study during your exchange? Your major, minor, the local language, something else? What language do you want to use when studying? English? Another […]