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Peppi will take you from Oodi to the 2020’s this autumn! [article]

The new student data system Peppi will be deployed at UEF in three stages in October and November 2021 which also means saying goodbye to WebOodi. Peppi is an information system wherein different features are organized into virtual desktops based on user roles. Peppi comprises education planning, facility and resource reservations, and the student and […]

Electronic exams: facilities and practices [page]

Access to exam room You can go to the exam room on weekdays during the opening hours of the buildings without an access badge and without visiting Oppari’s sevice desk. NOTE! In the evenings, on weekends and public holidays, you will need either a personal access badge or one time access badge from Oppari to […]

Electronic plagiarism detection tool [page]

Electronic plagiarism detection tool University of Eastern Finland is using an electronic plagiarism system, Turnitin. It can be accessed only through Moodle. How to use Turnitin The system has been integrated with the online learning environment Moodle. Students can test their theses or other written work independently by submitting them to the Moodle. Find it […]

Office 365 [page]

The Microsoft Office 365 service offered by the university includes e.g. e-mail, personal storage, co-working spaces, digital notebook, Office tools (also available for UEF students to download to their own mobile devices and computers) and a search center. New apps and tools are constantly added to the Office 365 environment. A list of tools is […]

Have a say and give feedback [page]

Students of the University of Eastern Finland have several different possibilities for having a say in the operations of the university. Students may have a say in teaching, guidance, counselling and their development through the feedback they give. Feedback is regularly reviewed as part of the curriculum work and the teaching quality management system. Students […]

Zoom [page]

What is Zoom? Zoom is a remote meeting software that allows teaching and group work activities to happen across the Internet. Zoom has tools for sharing your desktop, phone screen, webcam and sound. Zoom runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Registration Registering an account for Zoom is not mandatory for students when you […]

Digital environment [page]

You can find digital environment for students, for example: eServices, see more about eServices Exam is for electronic exams. Forms is a part of O365 and it is for web survey forms, Heimo, staff intra ePortfolio-service (part of Moodlesta) Wireless networks, wifi Lukari, timetables Media, eStream-service (Planet Estream), see more about eStream Moodle-environments (UEF-Moodle, Aducate-Moodle, Project-Moodle, […]

Student and study register – Peppi [page]

What is Peppi? Peppi will replace Oodi, Lukari, Timmi and Ilpa in late 2021. In Peppi, a student can plan their studies, view their timetable, follow their progress, book appointments, register for courses, acquire study certificates and transcripts of academic record, apply for recognition of prior learning, and view and edit their contact information, among […]

Peppi will replace WebOodi at the end of November 2021: student, get ready now! [article]

Peppi will replace WebOodi at the end of November 2021: student, get ready now! The University of Eastern Finland will introduce a new study information system at the end of 2021, when WebOodi will be replaced by a modern Peppi system. Peppi is a data ecosystem that includes the planning of teaching, the reservation of […]