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Apply for an extension to your study right by 31 May 2024 [article]

Now is a good time to check whether you need to apply for an extension to your study right. If your study right at the University of Eastern Finland is about to expire on 31 July 2024 and you wish to continue your studies, you have to apply for an extension by 31 May 2024. […]

Telephone consultation from study psychologists in May 2024 [article]

It is possible to consult the study psychologists still during this semester. Send a contact request via text message, and the study psychologist will call you during the consultation hours. Include your whole name and your student number in the text message. You can also directly call the study psychologists during the following consultation hours:   […]

Students now have the opportunity to make facility reservations for study-related purposes e.g., for independent study and group work [article]

Students of the University of Eastern Finland can book university’s facilities for study-related purposes within the opening hours of the facilities, e.g., for independent study, group work, research interviews, or participation in remote teaching. Facilities Management will manage private use and facility reservations made by other external users in a centralised manner. Reservations for student […]

The name of the continued study right is now the alumni study right [article]

Students that have completed their Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or postgraduate degree at the University of Eastern Finland have the right to complement their studies after graduation. The name of the study right has previously been the continued study right. The name has changed and is now the alumni study right. You can find further […]

Application for Study Wellbeing Peer Support Group is Open until 15.2.2024!   [article]

Study Wellbeing peer support group will begin its face-to-face sessions at Joensuu campus late February. Share, reflect, self-attune, seek and offer peer support! If you are finding trouble concentrating on your studies, motivation has weakened or too much stress prevents you from pursuing your goals, this group is something for you.   Study Wellbeing Support Group […]

Joensuu campus library extends its 24/7 self-study facilities to the stair landings [article]

In Joensuu, the library’s 24/7 self-study facilities have so far been limited to the 1st floor. Now the use of the facilities will be extended to the stair landings on the 2nd and 3rd floors. You can use an elevator to move between the floors. The toilets, storage lockers and working spaces on the stair […]

Counselling from study psychologists in June and July 2023 [article]

Study psychologists are licensed practitioners of psychology who help bachelor’s and master’s degree students in all study-related psychological issues. Counselling aims to improve students’ study wellbeing and support smooth studying. Discussions with the psychologist are always free-of-charge and confidential. In June and July 2023, the study psychologist in Joensuu offers counselling to students on both […]