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Distance and online learning [page]

Distance learning means studying that is non-place-bound and may also be non-time-bound. Usually, the studying is partly or entirely online. Hybrid learning combines different forms of studying. In hybrid learning, teaching is both local and online. In distance learning, one’s own activity is very important. The ability to concentrate and schedule one’s own studies also plays an important […]

Digital environment [page]

You can find digital environment for students, for example: eServices, see more about eServices Exam is for electronic exams. Forms is a part of O365 and it is for web survey forms, Heimo, staff intra Wireless networks, wifi Media, eStream-service (Planet Estream), see more about eStream Moodle-environments (UEF-Moodle, DigiCampus-Moodle). Office 365 (included email Outlook, Yammer, OneDrive, Forms, […]

More about Kamu [page]

Welcome to the Kamu! Kamu is a constantly developing knowledge base for students where you can find instructions, tools and links to various services common for all students. Kamu’s contents are divided into two parts to make it easier to find information. In Kamu’s Tools, you can find links to the programmes and support services […]