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Post doctoral party, Karonkka [page]

The post-doctoral party, karonkka, taking place in the evening of the public examination is an old academic tradition. The post-doctoral party is held in the honour of the opponent and you act as the host or hostess of the party. You can decide the venue for the party. Invitations to the post-doctoral party Traditionally, invitations […]

Guidance on research ethics [page]

Good scientific practice Commitment to good scientific practice is primarily up to you, but also to your supervisor, the whole research team, the head of your research unit and the leadership of the University. In addition to good scientific practice you must take into account valid legislation. At the University of Eastern Finland, violations of […]

Cotutelle double degree [page]

Cotutelle agreement gives you a chance to simultaneously graduate from the UEF and a foreign university. This is practical, for example, if your research topic is international in its nature, and/or if your supervisor works in a foreign university. The studies and the degree are carried out at both the universities according to their criteria. […]

UEF entrance examinations to be organised remotely and for small groups [article]

The University of Eastern Finland will be organising its entrance examinations in May and June mostly as remote examinations that will be implemented in two phases. Information has been provided to the applicants of the changes to the student admission procedure and criteria via email, and those who have not yet received the information should […]

Accessibility in studies – aids and facilities [page]

Accessibility refers to the design of physical, psychological and social environments so as to allow everyone to function as equals despite their individual characteristics. At the university, accessibility is something that concerns all students and staff members; however, it is of particular importance to those members of the academic community who have a disability, who […]