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Introduction to international studies [page]

As a UEF degree student, you can go on student exchange, get a traineeship abroad, and/or internationalise yourself at your home campus. University of Eastern Finland is involved in a number of international exchange programmes including hundreds of universities across the world. In addition, our university has signed co-operation agreements with dozens of universities across […]

Academic calendar [page]

The university provides education during the autumn and spring semesters. Education has been divided into period and there are four periods per academic year. The official academic year starts on 1 August and ends on 31 July. Courses may include teaching over several periods. There may also be teaching outside the periods but never during the […]

Campus pastors [page]

What is a campus pastor? Campus pastors are assigned by the Church on campuses for students and staff. They act in the university community as experts in communality and the growth, changes, and learning of personal life. Activities of the campus pastor The campus pastors offer individual guidance by offering verbal aid for personal growth […]