Accessibility in studies - aids and facilities

Accessibility refers to the design of physical, psychological and social environments so as to allow everyone to function as equals despite their individual characteristics. At the university, accessibility is something that concerns all students and staff members; however, it is of particular importance to those members of the academic community who have a disability, who are ageing, or who belong to a cultural or linguistic minority.

Accessibility includes the following aspects:

  • Studies-related matters such as Finnish entrance examinations, study counselling, teaching arrangements and practices, and examination practices.
  • Physical environments such as facilities, routes, parking areas, lighting, signposts.
  • Accessibility of communication such as web pages, other written materials and the language used.

Requesting special arrangements

Students who have an impediment or a disability can request special arrangements. Special arrangements can pertain to (Finnish) entrance examination and/or to the completion of studies. If you already are a student at the University of Eastern Finland and you need special arrangements for your studies, you can request them by filling out the Special Arrangements Request Form.

If you need further assistance or advice on how to request special arrangements, please get in touch with the accessibility contact person of your campus or faculty, or with your personal study plan counsellor.

Special Arrangements Request Form (docx)

Instructions for making an appeal (pdf) (Coming later in spring 2019)

Examples of special arrangements

Special arrangements can involve, for example:

  • possibility to have extra time for completing an examination
  • possibility to take an examination orally instead of in writing
  • possibility to take an examination in a quiet and more private setting
  • possibility to obtain extra lighting
  • possibility to obtain lecture materials in advance, in the electronic form, or printed out using a large font
  • possibility to complete a course or an examination in an alternative manner (for example an oral examination, an examination taken at home)
  • possibility to use a computer or some other aid
  • possibility to use an interpreter or a personal assistant.

Accessibility aids

There is a portable induction loop system for students to borrow at the Joensuu and Kuopio campuses. The induction loop system can be borrowed at Oppari’s service desk (located in the campus library in Joensuu and in the Canthia building in Kuopio). Furthermore, there is a fixed induction loop system in the larger auditoriums at the Joensuu Campus (for example in auditoriums AU100 and AU206 in the Aurora building).Electric height adjustable desks can be found in the library (two desks, located closest to the staircase) and in Atrium (one desk).


A large part of the university’s facilities are accessible and can be used by people with different disabilities. The newer the building, the easier it has been to implement modern accessibility solutions and regulations. The campuses have parking areas for accessible parking, and accessibility has also been taken into consideration in the outdoors routes on campus, for example in structural solutions and winter-time maintenance. The main entrances of the buildings have accessibility ramps and, as a rule, the doors can be opened by pressing a door opening button. In the university buildings, coat racks with storage possibilities are available at accessible heights. Braille buttons are available in the elevators, and some elevators also have voice guidance. All buildings except for the Haltia building have elevators and accessible toilets that are indicated with signs. The largest lecture rooms have induction loops in them, and there are also portable loop systems that can borrowed. Baby care tables can be found in the accessible toilets.

Campus maps

NB! Lecture room maps (Kuopio Campus only) can be found on the intranet.

Restaurants and dining

There are several restaurants at the Joensuu and Kuopio campuses. All of these restaurants are practically accessible; however, there is a low metal doorstep by the door of the Carelia restaurant at the Joensuu Campus, which may pose difficulties for those using a wheelchair. The doors of the Carelia restaurant are kept shut due to fire safety reasons. In other campus restaurants, there are no doorsteps or closed doors, and there is a wheelchair lift in the restaurant in the Snellmania building at the Kuopio Campus.

If you need someone to help you, for example, to carry your tray, the restaurant staff will be happy to assist you. Should you have any special dietary restrictions, it is wise to contact the restaurant you intend to eat in beforehand.

Contact information and locations of the campus restaurants

Special purposes examination facilities

Both the Joensuu and Kuopio campus have special purpose examination facilities. On Joensuu campus the facility is in Carelia building: CK250. On Kuopio campus the facility is in Canthia: CA2016.

Facilities are at the disposal of the students who have the right to special arrangements. Special purposes examination facilities are equipped with two computers of which the other is a regular computer and the other for electronic examinations. In the facility one can submit an electronic examination, provide answers with a regular computer or conduct a paper examination. Upon request, computers can be equipped with special software or other aids, such as speech synthesizer or braille display.

How to use special purpose examination facilities

Accessibility contact persons

A contact person for matters relating to accessibility has been appointed for each campus. These contact persons are tasked with giving common accessibility-related guidance and they also lead accessibility-promoting work at the faculties and academic departments.

  • Joensuu Campus: Mrs Erja Widgrén-Sallinen
  • Kuopio Campus: Mrs Tuija Pasanen

A contact person for matters relating to accessibility concerning studies at the faculties:

  • Philosophical Faculty: Mrs Henni Nevalainen
  • Faculty of Science an Forestry: Mrs Kaisa Laitinen
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: Mrs Mervi Silaste
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies: Mrs Minna Paronen (Joensuu Campus) and Mrs Katja Lötjönen (Kuopio Campus)

For contact information, see UEF // Contacts Directory.


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Celia – accessible literature and publishing in Finland
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Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities – Invalidiliitto
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