Annual registration - enrolled students

The instructions for annual registration at the university apply to students who are already enrolled at the university, i.e., they are in their second, third, etc., year of studies. If you are a first-year student see UEF web pages for registration instructions for new students.

A single registration covers all the study rights granted to a student.

Registration period

Registration at the university is mandatory every academic year during a specified registration period. All students must register at the university.
The registration period for the academic year 2018–2019 starts on 2 May 2018 and ends on 15 September 2018.

Registering in WebOodi

WebOodi can be used to register at the university by undergraduate students (bachelor’s and/or master’s degree, licentiate of medicine, licentiate of dentistry) and those completing an academic postgraduate degree (doctoral, licentiate), as well as students specialising in medicine, dentistry and general practice.

Registration takes place electronically in WebOodi under ’Tools’ -> ’Annual registration’. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students registering as present at the university must also pay the Student Union membership fee using their personal online banking codes.

A printable payment form for paying the membership fee is available in WebOodi. Proof of payment must be delivered to Student and Learning Services because the details of the transaction are not automatically transferred from the bank to the student register.

The term sticker to be adhered to the student ID card to indicate that the Student Union membership fee has been paid can be obtained from the Student Union. Stickers fo the academic year 2018–2019 will be available starting on 1 August 2018. Digital student ID cards are also available. Read more on the web pages of the university’s Student Union ISYY or at

Instructions for registering in WebOodi:

  • Log in to WebOodi
  • To register in WebOodi, go to the left side bar and click the Tools -> Annual registration links. The registration involves 4 stages and each of the stages has instructions.
  • Stage 1: Check your personal data and the conditions for giving out student information. Correct any errors you might discover and tick the box next to the sentence “I have checked my information and the conditions for giving out student information”. Select the semesters for which you wish to register. Those wishing to register for the full academic year should select both the semesters. Then click the Register button.
  • Stage 2: A form for the payment of the Student Union membership fee will now appear on the screen. In addition to the compulsory membership fee, you can also choose to pay optional fees (developmental cooperation project or delivery of the student magazine to your home address). See “Student Union Membership and Membership Fees” below.
  • Stage 3: Registration with online banking codes or a credit card: Check the payment form and click the Continue button to be forwarded to PayTrail.
    OR Registration without online banking codes or a credit card: To view the payment form, click the Print the Membership Fee Form button.
  • Stage 4: Registration with online banking codes: After you have made the payment in your online bank, you will get a confirmation of your registration and your registration will be entered in the university’s registers immediately. However, even if your register before the beginning of the academic year, your registration status in WebOodi (present /absent) will not be updated until 1 August.
    OR Registration without online banking codes: Print out the payment form and make the payment at your (Finnish) bank. Check that the sum is correct and remember to use your personal reference number indicated on the form. Your payment will not be transferred automatically from your bank to the student register. You should send a receipt of your payment to so that Student Services can update your registration status manually.
  • Get the semester sticker for your student card at the Student Union.

Registering by email or phone

Annual registration is also possible by email, opiskelu(at), or by phone, +358 29 445 8900, with the Student and Learning Services. Remember to include your name and student ID number in the email message.

The email/telephone registration method can be used by those registering as absent and those belonging to student groups for which paying the Student Union fee is not mandatory (postgraduate students, students specialising in medicine, dentistry or general practice, and students completing their qualification studies).

Registering as absent

You can register as absent if you are not going to attend any courses or complete any studies/a degree during the academic year, or if you have a reason for absence that is based on the law, such as participation in military or non-military service or being on maternity, paternity or parental leave. Students who register as absent based on the above reasons can have the duration of studies extended with the period of absence.

Also those who register as absent must do so within the registration period either in WebOodi (see above the paragraph ‘Registration in WebOodi’), by email (opiskelu(at) or by phone +358 29 445 8900.

Read more about registering as absent.

Registering for the spring term

The period for registering for the spring term is 1 December 2018–15 January 2019.

The Student Union membership fee for the spring term can be paid in WebOodi. You can also print out the payment form in WebOodi, or one will be provided to you upon request by Student and Learning Services. If you use a printed payment form, proof of payment must be delivered to Student and Learning Services because the details of the transaction are not automatically transferred from the bank to the student register.

Using WebOodi to register for the spring term is possible if the student’s registration for the autumn term 2018 has been recorded in the student register. If the student’s registration for the autumn term 2018 is not recorded in the student register, the student must apply for re-registration.

Studying abroad

Students who study abroad during the academic year 2018–2019 have to register as present at the university for the duration of their studies abroad because the courses that they will complete abroad are included in their degree studies at the University of Eastern Finland.

If you forgot to register

Students who do not register as present or absent at the university by the end of the registration period are removed from the university’s books. Readmission is granted based on an application submitted to Student and Learning Services. In addition, a readmission fee of EUR 35 is charged to students who register after the registration period has ended.

Read more about re-registration.

Further information

If you have further questions about registration at the university, please contact Student and Learning Services either by email,, or by phone+358 29 445 8900. See contact details of Student and Learning Services.