Independently abroad

You can also apply for exchange studies outside exchange programmes, with a freemover or visiting student status. It is a good idea to chart the international contacts of your department/school when planning an independent student exchange. Many students have found great study and internship locations independently.

It takes initiative to apply for independent studies abroad: the applicants themselves are responsible for the communication with the host university, the application process, the practical arrangements, and the costs of studying abroad, such as potential tuition fees. Tuition fees and application procedures vary between universities, fields of study, and countries. It takes time to arrange the practical matters, so you should start planning your freemover exchange at least a year before the planned start of your exchange studies. The longer and better you prepare for studies abroad, the more successful they will generally be.

UEF International Mobility Services do not award mobility grants for freemover studies.

Announcements on international options outside the scope of University of Eastern Finland’s exchange programmes are published on the O365 noticeboard Yammer:

UEF Yammer: Kansainvälistymismahdollisuuksia opiskelijoille // Internationalisation offers for students