General instructions related to graduation

You can apply for a degree from your faculty once you have completed all studies required for the degree and they have been recorded in the study register. A student applying for a degree must be enrolled at the university as a present student while applying for the degree. A degree certificate is applied for with a degree application form that can be found on the website of your own department. If necessary, the persons responsible for study guidance of the faculty and the departments or schools will help you check the completed and missing study attainments. However, the student him/herself is obligated to check that he or she has completed all studies required for the degree in question in accordance with the degree structure and curriculum when applying for a degree certificate.

After graduation, the student may pursue studies until the end of the semester during which he or she graduated. The student must sign up for these studies by contacting the Student and Learning Services in order to obtain a right to study. The faculty in question will issue more detailed instructions on pursuing studies after graduation in studies which lead to competencies or qualifications.