Student Union membership fees

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, ISYY, looks after the students’ rights and interests. ISYY operates on both the Joensuu and Kuopio campus.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students

Under the student union act, all Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students are required to join the Student Union. The Student Union membership fee for the entire academic year is 126 EUR; and 65 EUR for autumn semester or spring semester only. Student Union membership entitles students to the services of Finnish Student Health Service.  Members of Student Union can get a student card and are entitled to various membership benefits such as discounts in student cafeterias on campus and long distance train and bus fares.

Exchange students

Exchange students studying at the UEF for longer than three months are welcome to join the Student Union, but are not obliged to do so. To become a member, you must pay the membership fee similar to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree student.

If the exchange study period at the University of Eastern Finland lasts less than three months, it is not possible to join the Student Union.

Licentiate and doctoral students

For licentiate and doctoral students, who have already completed their Master’s degree, the Student Union membership is voluntary. The voluntary membership fee is 56 EUR for the full academic year, and 30,5 EUR for autumn or spring semester and can be paid upon annual registration. Licentiate and doctoral students students are not entitled to subsidised meals, travel discounts or Student Health Services. Instead, the membership entitles you to join events organised by the Student Union and get student discounts on e.g. various shops, theatres, hotels and restaurants.

Voluntary fees

If you would like to support the development activities of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), you can do this by transferring a sum of your choice to SYL’s fundraising account. Furthermore, Sykettä students’ sports services are at your disposal after paying the sports fee at the ISYY office.

Study right in another university

If you are a degree student in another Finnish university and you have paid the full student union membership fee, register normally at the University of Eastern Finland and pay the ISYY membership fee in full.

Since you do not need to pay the Finnish Student Health System fee twice, you can have the FSHS fee refunded. The FSHS fee in 2018-19 is 54 EUR, and 27 EUR for autumn or spring semester alone.

To claim the refund you must contact the Student Union and provide them with your bank account number and receipts of both the paid membership fees. The claim must be addressed to the Student Union where you have last paid the membership fee. The refund must be claimed by the end of September. If you have paid for spring semester registration only, the refund must be claimed by the end of January.

Membership fee refund application (pdf)

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