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Universities decided on changes to spring student admissions [article]

It is important that applicants keep preparing for the admissions and take care of their wellbeing. Their long-term preparations have not gone to waste. The universities have decided on the implementation of student admissions in the current emergency conditions. All the units responsible for the study options available for application will publish their changed policies […]

Unifi: University entrance exams to be replaced by alternative admissions procedures this spring [article]

The Finnish universities have concluded that, due to the coronavirus situation, organising traditional entrance examinations is not possible without compromising the safety of those involved. What makes guaranteeing safety impossible is the severity of the pandemic, the difficulty of identifying those at a higher risk for serious illness, as well as the risks associated with […]

Safety first as universities prepare for student admissions – any entrance exam changes reported by 15 April 2020 [article]

The Finnish universities are following up on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and are carefully preparing for the practical arrangements of student admissions under these exceptional circumstances. Universities are preparing for different scenarios in close collaboration with Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education in compliance with the […]

University of Eastern Finland to admit 42 students from Ukraine – Open University courses offered free of charge [article]

A total of 135 Ukrainian students applied for a separate non-degree right to study at the University of Eastern Finland in a call open this March. The university is also offering Open University courses to citizens of Ukraine free of charge. In response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, the University of Eastern Finland […]

University of Eastern Finland offers admission to 20 Ukrainian students [article]

In response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, the University of Eastern Finland will make it possible for Ukrainian degree students to apply for admission to the University of Eastern Finland under a separate right to study, and to apply for a grant. The call for applications is aimed at students who have an […]

Support for students and studying arrangements related to the war in Ukraine [page]

Russia’s military attack on Ukraine is causing concern in the UEF community. At the same time, the international sanctions against Russia affect the studying arrangements of the university. This website contains information about support channels for students, arrangements related to studying and useful links to sources of information. The university has set up a team […]

University of Eastern Finland tightens its recommendation on the use of face masks from 8 October; in-person teaching in the spring semester 2021 will be offered as possible [article]

The University of Eastern Finland responds to the escalation of the COVID-19 situation in its campus cities by recommending the use of face masks in all facilities with several people present, including on lectures. The new recommendation will enter into force on Thursday, 8 October 2020. The university’s earlier recommendation only pertained to situations where […]

The University of Eastern Finland will begin restoring its functions in phases beginning 14th May 2020 [article]

Amended 12.5.: Work-related visits to campus are allowed only with permission from the head of department/unit. The University of Eastern Finland will begin lifting restrictions on its functions in phases while observing the restrictions and guidelines from the government at every turn in order to ensure safety and security. The university staff will continue to […]

UEF entrance examinations to be organised remotely and for small groups [article]

The University of Eastern Finland will be organising its entrance examinations in May and June mostly as remote examinations that will be implemented in two phases. Information has been provided to the applicants of the changes to the student admission procedure and criteria via email, and those who have not yet received the information should […]

University of Eastern Finland will organise entrance examinations by using online solutions and other alternatives – participants will be informed of changes by email [article]

The University of Eastern Finland has begun to reorganise the way entrance examinations will be held this spring under the prevailing state of emergency. It has already been decided that some of the first entrance examinations in April will be organised by using online solutions. The Philosophical Faculty’s internal student admissions to minor subject studies […]