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Student2Student peer counselling service is closed [article]

The Student2Student peer counselling service has been closed. The service operated during 2021-2023 as part of the Bridges projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. More accessible and efficient forms of support for students are being developed in the Student and Learning Services. UEF’s Summertime Helpline assists students at UEF in study-related issues […]

Counselling from study psychologists in June and July 2023 [article]

Study psychologists are licensed practitioners of psychology who help bachelor’s and master’s degree students in all study-related psychological issues. Counselling aims to improve students’ study wellbeing and support smooth studying. Discussions with the psychologist are always free-of-charge and confidential. In June and July 2023, the study psychologist in Joensuu offers counselling to students on both […]

Free physical activity counselling for students [article]

SYKETTÄ Kuopio University Sports Services’ new physical activity counselling service offers free and low-threshold individual counselling and support for students who do not exercise enough for their health and well-being, or who need advice on how to become more active in their everyday lives, or support in starting physical activity. Physical activity counselling consists of […]

Study psychologist counselling service in December [article]

There is a possibility to have study psychologist counselling service in December by phone. You can send us SMS message, tell that you would like to have counselling, and the psychologist will call you at these hours. Tell us your full name and study number in your message. You can contact the psychologists from both […]

Personal career counselling [page]

The aim of career counselling is to support the attainment of career planning and employment skills. Good career planning skills help you, for instance, in recognizing your own strengths and possibilities, in developing yourself and in making decisions about your future. You can receive career counselling at a personal career guidance conversation or by taking […]

Student, find power and purpose for your career and register to career planning and job seeking courses for the spring 2023! [article]

Are you wondering about your future? Where will I find work? How will I be convincing in the job interview? What can I do with my degree? What are my strengths? Am I in the right field? What should I study as a minor subject? What rights and obligations do I have as an employee? […]

Renewed operating models for the studies [article]

The University of Eastern Finland has introduced a renewed operating models for Individual study arrangements and Operating model for preventing inappropriate treatment and harassment from 1 August 2023. Each student has the right to receive reasonable individual study arrangements based on health reasons. Individual study arrangements can be based on any health reason, such as […]