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Survey about experiences on diversity, equality and inclusion [article]

Dear University of Eastern Finland student! We map students’ experiences on diversity, equality and inclusion in studies at the University of Eastern Finland. By answering this survey, you participate in developing practices and services at the University of Eastern Finland. Responding to the questionnaire takes only approx. 10-15 minutes. The survey closes on 14.1.2022.Go to […]

University of Eastern Finland offers virtual help-desk services [article]

The University of Eastern Finland has opened virtual YUFE Help Desks, where students in various fields, with the support of their instructors, answer citizens’ questions and advise them in Finnish and English. The free helpdesks are part of the YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Alliance and can be found at The […]

Bridges -project supports students wellbeing [article]

The Ministry of Education and Culture has awarded the university a special grant for 2021 and 2022 to take the measures necessitated by the coronavirus epidemic to reinforce support for student counselling and student wellbeing. The two-year Bridges -project aims to take action to strengthen the engagement and inclusion of students and prevent exclusion. The […]

Appeal within the university [page]

Request for rectification concerning student admissions or the selection of major subject or line of studies 1.   Student admission decision (the dean)2.   Written service of notice to student, including appeal instructions (faculty/department)3.   An applicant or student dissatisfied with the decision may submit a request for rectification in writing to the University of Eastern Finland’s Board […]

Checklist for outgoing exchange students [page]

Checklist: before your exchange Start planning your exchange: Why do you want to go? What are your goals for the exchange? Where do you want to go? What do you want to study during your exchange? Your major, minor, the local language, something else? What language do you want to use when studying? English? Another […]

Funding your studies abroad [page]

General information The tuition fees of the host university are waived for the outgoing exchange students who go on exchange via the exchange programmes or bilateral agreements of University of Eastern Finland. However, the outgoing exchange students should be prepared for other costs (study materials, membership fees, photocopies, etc.) In most student exchange programmes (including […]

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) [page]

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) refers to a set of practices and procedures that can be used to assess the prior learning of the student and to approve that learning as part of the student’s studies. Prior learning may be a result of the student’s earlier studies or it can have been acquired in some […]

JOO – flexible study right studies [page]

The national agreement on flexible study rights (JOO) came into effect on 1 August 2004. According to the agreement, the undergraduate and postgraduate students of all the Finnish universities have the opportunity to include in their degree minor subject studies from the offering of other Finnish universities regardless of the university in which they have […]