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Renewed operating models for the studies [article]

The University of Eastern Finland has introduced a renewed operating models for Individual study arrangements and Operating model for preventing inappropriate treatment and harassment from 1 August 2023. Each student has the right to receive reasonable individual study arrangements based on health reasons. Individual study arrangements can be based on any health reason, such as […]

Study Psychologist [page]

There are currently three study psychologists at UEF who offer counselling to bachelor’s and master’s degree students. Study psychologists are licensed practitioners of psychology who help students in all study-related issues. Study psychologists also offer group counselling and play an important role in developing practices that enhance students’ wellbeing at UEF. Discussions with the study […]

Accessible studies [page]

Accessibility refers to a physical, mental and social environment where everyone, regardless of their personal characteristics, can act and interact equally with others. At the university, accessibility affects all students and staff members, but it is especially important to those members of the university community who have a disability, who are ageing, or who belong […]

Student well-being work at UEF [page]

Physical, psychological and social well-being are prerequisites for good study and life. In addition to studies, it is very important to give time also to yourself, to your friends and hobbies. The aim of student well-being work is to promote students’ health and study ability, the well-being of study communities and to prevent exclusion. Students’ […]

Accessibility in studies – aids and facilities [page]

Accessibility refers to the design of physical, psychological and social environments so as to allow everyone to function as equals despite their individual characteristics. At the university, accessibility is something that concerns all students and staff members; however, it is of particular importance to those members of the academic community who have a disability, who […]

Special exam facilities and practices [page]

Right to use special exam facilities Special exam facilities are at the disposal of students who have the right to individual arrangements (see more). Before examination, contact the responsible teacher and agree upon special arrangements in examination. Special exam facilities are located in Carelia 162 on Joensuu campus and in Canthia CA206 on Kuopio campus. […]