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Erasmus partners of Philosophical Faculty [page]

Lukuvuosi 2020-2021 // Academic Year 2020-2021 (Opintojen taso: 1 = kandidaattivaiheen opinnot, 2 = maisterivaiheen opinnot, 3 = jatko-opinnot) (Level of studies: 1 = Bachelor’s level studies, 2 = Master’s level studies, 3 = Doctoral level studies) Päivitetty 15.1.2021 // Updated 15 January 2021 HUOM! Linkit avautuvat uuteen ikkunaan. // NB! The links open up […]

Study communities [page]

Each student belongs to a study programme-specific Study Community. In study communities you will find information on studies and a discussion forum. Study communities complement the general Kamu Student Handbook information with programme-specific instructions such as structure and format of written work. Study communities are built in the Office 365 environment either as Sharepoint workspaces […]