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Student exchange is allowed in the spring semester [article]

The University of Eastern Finland has decided to: allow student exchange (both incoming and outgoing) for the spring semester while observing the guidelines issued by the university, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, and the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as the guidelines of the destination countries and host institutions; and make […]

Stay safe on campus – summary of UEF’s coronavirus guidelines [article]

Dear student, The autumn has arrived and unlike many of us expected in the spring, the coronavirus pandemic is still with us. This means that in order for it to be safe to work and study on campus, we all need to act responsibly and follow the guidelines given. This email contains a summary of […]

Practical Guides [page]

Please note, that the Practical Guides 2020-2021 are not updated with the latest information on COVID-19. For current information on the pandemic go to the university’s Covid-19 information site.   Practical guide for international students 2020-2021, Joensuu campus (PDF file) Practical guide for international students 2020-2021, Kuopio campus (PDF file)

Teaching, working and services on UEF’s campuses are being restored gradually over the summer and autumn [article]

The return of students to the university’s campuses will begin in August–September, when in-person teaching is prioritised for the university’s new students in particular. Approximately 200 courses will be delivered as in-person teaching in August–September, while paying close attention to safe use of the facilities. Most of the university’s teaching will, however, be offered online […]

Exceptional arrangements in education continue [article]

The Finnish Government has decided on 30 March 2020 to extend until 13 May 2020 the duration of the previously imposed restrictions to slow down the spread of coronavirus infections and to protect those at risk. The restrictions on early childhood education, teaching and education and training will continue at different levels of education. At […]

Important bulletin to students [article]

Dear University of Eastern Finland student, We sincerely hope that the transition to distance learning caused by the coronavirus situation has been a smooth one for you. Moreover, we look forward to seeing you back on campus, safe and sound, after the state of emergency eventually gets lifted in the future. The university’s facilities will […]

University of Eastern Finland closes its facilities and moves to online teaching and remote work [article]

The University of Eastern Finland will close its campuses and moves all teaching online, in accordance with the instructions issued by the Finnish Government on 16 March. All facilities of the University of Eastern Finland will be closed on Tuesday 17 March 2020. The Government has announced, in cooperation with the President of the Republic, […]

Bulletin to all students of the University of Eastern Finland regarding the coronavirus situation 17.3.2020 [article]

This message is distributed to all students of the University of Eastern Finland. Take note of the issues that pertain to you. The unusual situation we are currently in has raised many questions and caused worry in all of us, and we wish to provide you with advice and guidelines by communicating with you openly. […]

Arriving on campus during Covid-19 [page]

Arriving in Finland during the Covid-19 Pandemic We recommend that you take a full series of Covid-19 vaccination before arriving in Finland if possible. In some cases the students might need to self-quarantine on their arrival.  Please be prepared for that. The length of the travel-related self-quarantine has been earlier 14 or 10 days and […]

Providers of help [page]

The exceptional situation can cause negative feelings, such as concern, anxiety, or fear. But you don’t need to be alone with your thoughts. If you want to discuss or need help, you can always turn to us with a very low threshold. From this website you can find the most important contact information and support […]