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Philosophical Faculty’s requirements and evaluation of a doctoral dissertation [page]

An eligible doctoral dissertation may be a monograph or a collection of research articles. A collection of research articles consists of scientific publications or manuscripts, outlined in an independent summary, which examine the same set of problems. The number of articles required is determined by the Philosophical Faculty. A doctoral dissertation in the form of […]

Instructions on a plagiarism detection for doctoral dissertations at the Philosophical Faculty [page]

Plagiarism detection is obligatory for doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses before evaluation process. The University of Eastern Finland uses an electronic plagiarism detection system, Turnitin. In addition to verifying the originality of a thesis, the system can also be used to guide students towards the correct quotation and referencing practices required in high-quality academic texts. […]

Study regulations [page]

1 January 2021 I General Section 1. Scope of application of the Study Regulations Under Section 14 of the Universities Act (558/2009), the Board of the University of Eastern Finland has, on 14 December 2020, adopted the following Study Regulations which are applied at the university, alongside the provisions laid down in acts, decrees and […]

Theses [page]

All degrees conclude with a supervised written paper called a thesis. The following is a list of theses at UEF: Bachelor’s Thesis (Bachelor’s degree) Master’s Thesis (Master’s degree) Licentiate Thesis (Licentiate’s degree) Doctoral Dissertation (Doctoral degree) The students get support to their thesis writing process in the form of seminars in which the participants typically […]

Transition period – completing studies [page]

Guidelines on transitional provisions between the old and new curricula Section 4 of the UEF Degree Regulations defines how degree programmes are introduced and discontinued: According to Section 9 of the university rules of procedure, the Faculty Council makes decisions on the introduction and discontinuation of a major subject within the scope of educational responsibility. […]

Doctoral education in general [page]

It is possible to continue studying at the University of Eastern Finland after obtaining your Master’s degree. Possible scientific postgraduate degrees in the university include licentiate and doctorate degrees. Some fields also offer professional postgraduate degrees, such as the medical physicist’s and chemist’s degrees. The target schedule for completing the doctoral degree is four years. […]

Study right for doctoral studies and registration [page]

Study right for doctoral studies When you are granted the right to doctoral studies, instructions for registration and accepting your study place will be enclosed with the decision. The study right will be in force until you graduate, unless you give it up. The renouncement of the right to study Registration You do your first […]

University glossary [page]

Academic quarter-hour? Demo? Faculty? For the definitions of these and many other words and concepts related to university life, see this vocabulary. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y  A Ablaut ry is the subject association for students of […]

Appeal within the university [page]

Request for rectification concerning student admissions or the selection of major subject or line of studies 1.   Student admission decision (the dean) 2.   Written service of notice to student, including appeal instructions (faculty/department) 3.   An applicant or student dissatisfied with the decision may submit a request for rectification in writing to the University of Eastern […]