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Answer Library’s user survey [article]

Dear University of Eastern Finland (UEF) Library customer! The library uses this survey to map your experiences of the library’s services. It takes about 10 minutes to respond to the survey, and your answers are stored anonymously. The answers will be used to develop library services – every answer is important and welcome! The survey […]

Career Monitoring Survey will end on 11th of December! [article]

If you haven’t answered yet to university’s Career Monitoring Survey, please, do it now! Career Monitoring Survey will end on Monday 11th of December. Career Monitoring Survey is send to all those who have graduated in year 2018 (Master’s degree) or in year 2020 (Doctors’s degree). Survey is national, but each university send’s it to […]

The first year with Peppi – how does it feel? Answer the feedback survey by 15 December 2022 [article]

In this feedback survey, you will be able to tell from your point of view on Peppi’s deployment process, how Peppi’s use is now going and what development needs you have to Peppi or its related services. The survey for UEF students (opens in a new tab) is open between 24 November and 15 December […]

Answer the survey – help library to improve teaching [article]

Reference management, systematic review, scientific databases… Thesis in progress and rusty skills! What would you like to be taught in the course aimed for master’s thesis writers organized by the library? When should the course be available? At the library, we are updating the course contents and we would like to hear from the students […]

Welcome to respond to the student survey about learning and studying in higher education! [article]

The aim of the survey is to obtain diverse information on students’ experiences and views on learning and studying in higher education. We hope that every higher education student will respond to the survey based on their own experiences of studying. Everyone’s answer is important. The survey is part of the Evaluation of the state […]

How could UEF support entrepreneurship? Answer the survey & win movie tickets and product prizes! [article]

UEF Students, what kind of support UEF should give for entrepreneurship? Now is your chance to influence the entrepreneurship and innovation services! We want to find out how we can support and promote the encounter of entrepreneurial minded and interested students in our university community. We are also exploring how you think the university can […]

Student Well-being Survey as a Part of the Study Environment Inspections [article]

Study environment inspections are carried out at all universities every three years and at the University of Eastern Finland it will be carried out during this spring. The inspections are coordinated by student healthcare (FSHS) and carried out together with students, the staff at the educational institution and the health inspector of the municipality in […]