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Take this commuting survey by 6 October 2021 and have an impact on the university’s sustainability work! [article]

Dear student of the University of Eastern Finland, Last year we calculated the carbon footprint of the university for the first time. However, the impact of commuting between the home and the workplace couldn’t be estimated due to a lack of the necessary data. Therefore, we now invite you to fill out this commuting survey […]

Learn about Climate University courses! [article]

The University of Eastern Finland is a part of The Climate University network, coordinated by the University of Helsinki. Network has formed a teaching cooperation contract between 18 universities. With these new contracts, a majority of Finnish university students can take the network’s climate and sustainability themed courses. The first Climate University courses open to […]

YUFE brings Europe to you – apply now! [article]

Application for the YUFE Introduction Offer is NOW open and you have the opportunity to start your YUFE Student Journey experience. Visit to apply by 15 September 2020! Please click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the YUFE website and fill out the registration form. YUFE offers a wide range of courses […]

Smart Starts for Master’s and Bachelor’s degree students [page]

Smart Start guides for students starting their studies in autumn 2022 For studies starting in autumn 2022, the new student’s programme-specific materials will be updated on this page at the end of June 2022. Bachelor’s Degree programmes Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development Smart Start guide Master’s Degree programmes Biomedicine Smart Start guide Early Language Education […]