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“I wouldn’t have progressed with my thesis without this” [article]

Library lessons to support study and research A solid foundation and new initiatives Academic year 2020–2021 entirely online Learning the right things at the right time Online and on campus Read the blog post about the feedback we’ve received on teaching and guidance. “This course gave me the feeling that I can always contact the […]

Open master’s thesis raffle winner 2021 [article]

Every year, UEF Library raffles off a grant worth EUR 100 among UEF students who published their master’s thesis open access during the preceding 12 months. Read the UEF Library blog to see who was the lucky winner this year! Are you working on your thesis right now? Have your read the instructions for theses […]

Support for Master’s Thesis Writing [article]

Experiencing writer’s block? Cannot decide whether your overall text structure works or not? Not sure about the referencing style to use? Need some ideas on how to paraphrase better?   The course Support for Master’s Thesis Writing is here to help you and provide you guidance in your writing process.  We will overview the elements included […]

Do you struggle with the overwhelming volume of published scientific articles during your research or thesis process? Get started with your AI research assistant [article]

Are you dreading the long hours ahead for conducting your literature review? Join the workshop on 25th February and learn how to use – your science assistant, that semi-automates the discovery and literature review parts of your research process. More information and registration

Did you publish your thesis open access? Take part in the raffle! [article]

Every year, UEF Library raffles off a grant worth EUR 100 among UEF students who have made their master’s thesis publicly available that same year. The 2020 grant will be given on the international Open Access Week, 19–25 October 2020. The grant will be raffled off among all UEF students who have made their master’s […]

Hey, student! Have you submitted your Master’s thesis with an Open Access this year? Take part in this prize draw! [article]

UEF Library raffles annually a 100 € scholarship between the UEF students who have submitted their Master’s Thesis with an Open Access during the ongoing year. The year 2018 prize draw is arranged during the international Open Access week between 22nd and 28th October 2018. All UEF students who have given an Open Access […]

Thesis and maturity test [page]

A thesis is a academic paper on research related to a degree. It also involves taking a maturity test. The maturity test is for demonstrating that the student is familiar with the discipline of the thesis. Bachelor’s thesis For a bachelor’s degree, a student must prepare a bachelor’s thesis as part of the intermediate studies of […]

Thesis submission and evaluation [page]

Instructions for submitting your thesis for examination Plagiarism detection in Moodle by using the Turnitin software, prior to officially submitting your thesis for examination: Upload your thesis to Moodle for your supervisor to perform plagiarism detection on it. Your supervisor will review the plagiarism detection report. If everything is OK, your supervisor will send you […]

Jobs, internships and thesis projects [page]

JobTeaser job portal New job and traineeship offers for university students and graduates are advertised in the JobTeaser job portal. In the JobTeaser service, it is possible to sort job advertisements with numerous parameters. In the JobTeaser job portal, you will find Europe-wide job market: with ca. 15 000 job and traineeship advertisements. A selection […]

YUFE Language Help Desk to the rescue! [article]

How to translate a thesis abstract or an article from Finnish into English or vice versa? Do I use Finnish or English grammar correctly? Can I express myself properly in my interactions with a foreign culture? University students, staff, and just about everyone else, sometimes need a helping hand with small translations and occasional language […]