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31082 Student well-being work

Early support - When concerns arise about student's behavior

It is very important to speak up when concerns arise, but it is not always easy. If concerns arise on the well-being of your fellow student, please be brave and ask “How are you?”. The University of Eastern Finland has introduced the new Operating model for teachers and other staff member when concerns arise about student’s behavior starting and Operating model: consequences of a student’s inappropriate behavior. The third operating model Approach to situations of inappropriate treatment and harassment while studying will be introduced 1.8.2023.
Operating models - When concerns arise about student’s behavior and Operating model: consequences - have been described for university staff on the Teaching support website (opens in a tab, log in required) and for students in Kamu Student Handbook.

Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion

Every individual is valuable in our diverse academic community. Equality, diversity and inclusion are the foundations of teaching and research at UEF. It is important that we commit ourselves to treat each individual and group with respect and dignity. In addition, the university promotes multiculturalism and does not tolerate discrimination nor harassment.
Accessibility promotes equality and, in practice, means the approachability of services for all users. Accessibility includes several different aspects.

Study coordinators

Guidance and counselling promote orientation and commitment to study, help developing professional skills and boost the progress of studies as well as the move into working life. Students’ well-being promotes the smooth progress of studies.

Programme coordinators provide information on admissions and studies. 

Student support services

Ask for help when you need it! You don't have to be alone with your concerns. If you want to discuss your situation or need help, you can always turn to us. Please see further information on student support services in Kamu Student Handbook.

Student well-being projects

The university does not currently have any ongoing special funded projects concerning student well-being.

The University of Eastern Finland received a special grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture for the years 2021-2023 to promote the well-being of students and prevent exclusion. With the special grant, the University of Eastern Finland implemented during 2021-2023 the BRIDGES project to increase well-being and communality. BRIDGES project webpage. 

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Student well-being and study ability team (HYRY)

The university has appointed a Student Well-being and Study Ability Team (HYRY). The composition of the team is multidisciplinary and its work supports the strategy of UEF.

The team is composed of representatives from each UEF faculty (substance abuse contact persons), the Language Centre, the Student Union, Aducate, and Student and Learning Services. The team’s meetings are based on specific themes, and various experts are actively invited to and consulted in the meetings. The team works closely with its network of experts while also taking into account staff well-being and development.

Head of Student Services Tuija Pasanen (e-mail: firstname.lastname(at), acts as the chair of the team and coordinates student well-being work at UEF.

Statutory health and learning environment inspections

Statutory health and learning environment inspections are carried out at UEF every three years

For further information: National Institute for Health and Welfare (opens in a new tab, logging required).

Further information also in Heimo and on the Teaching support website (opens in a new tab, logging required).