Introduction to international studies

As a UEF degree student, you can go on student exchange, get a traineeship abroad, and internationalise yourself at your home campus.

University of Eastern Finland is involved in a number of international exchange programmes including hundreds of universities across the world. In addition, our university has signed co-operation agreements with dozens of universities across the world. More detailed information on student exchange programmes is available by region (destinations in Europe, the Nordic countries, Russia, and elsewhere in the world).

In addition to interesting courses, student exchange gives new experiences, friends, language skills, and confidence. Your studies will be recognised by your home university, so studies abroad do not normally postpone your graduation.

The Applying and Practical Arrangements section discusses matters related to, for example, applying for studies abroad, financing your studies, and the recognition of studies completed abroad. The section also contains the required forms and various useful checklists, so you should read it carefully when planning your studies abroad.

International traineeships offer students the chance to acquire useful contacts, gain work experience and language skills, and learn the customs and corporate culture of the destination country.

Tutoring international students is a fantastic way to internationalise yourself at UEF – to gain international experience without leaving your home university.

More information: International Mobility Services staff (international(a) and departmental coordinators of international matters.

The information has also been compiled into the downloadable PDF guide titled Student Exchange for the International UEF Degree Students.


In the SoleMOVE application system, you can read reports written by UEF students who have studied abroad:

1) Go to SoleMOVE (

2) Select University of Eastern Finland from the list of universities

3) Click on the “Exchange destinations Abroad and feedback” link in the top bar

4) Select “Search feedback” and any filters you like, and click on “Start Search”


The exchange process usually consists of the following stages:

Planning for the exchange

-> Application to your home university in SoleMOVE

-> Approval as an exchange candidate by UEF

-> Programme- and university-specific instructions

-> Application to the host university

-> Information package for outgoing exchange students, Learning Agreement

-> Approval by the host university

-> Binding practical arrangements (accommodation, tickets)

-> Go on exchange!