ISEP Exchange and ISEP Direct


ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) is an international student exchange programme based on reciprocity.


Bachelor’s and Master’s level students of various fields. There are more universities offering Bachelor’s level courses than Master’s level courses. Students must have completed one year of academic studies before starting their exchange.


ISEP includes hundreds of universities from the United States and elsewhere in the world. More information on the universities is available on the ISEP website.


The annual first call for applications for ISEP exchange is 1–15 November. A second call for applications will be organised in the spring semester if places remain. No second calls for ISEP applications have been held in recent years, because all the places have been filled after the first call for applications.

Applying for ISEP Exchange is a two-stage process. First, during the internal selection process, students apply to be accepted as UEF candidates for exchange. Those accepted will then apply for ISEP and list 5–10 universities in their ISEP application. ISEP will then review the application and find a placement in one of the listed universities. If a placement cannot be offered at any of the universities on the list, the student will be contacted by ISEP that will try to find an alternative host university that meets the student’s situation and wishes.


Due to the popularity of the programme and limited availability of places, it has been necessary to restrict the duration of ISEP exchanges to one (1) semester.


Tuition fees are not charged from the students. The students participating in the ISEP programme pay the accommodation and living costs of their exchange period to their home university before the beginning of the exchange. In exchange for this payment, the host university will arrange accommodation and a meal plan for the student. The students are required to cover the costs of their travel, study materials, and leisure activities as well as the mandatory ISEP insurance. The ISEP fee at University of Eastern Finland for the academic year 2018-2019 is EUR 2,700 for one semester. The outgoing ISEP exchange students receive a mobility grant from University of Eastern Finland. The amount of the grant is determined on an annual basis and published in the call for applications. In the academic year 2018-2019, the mobility grant for ISEP exchange for European destinations is EUR 1,000 for one semester and for destinations outside Europe EUR 1,500 for one semester.


The studies completed during ISEP exchange must be included in the student’s degree at University of Eastern Finland. A study-related internship in the United States can also be linked to the ISEP exchange. The maximum duration of the internship is equal to the maximum exchange study period at an ISEP university. Students can only apply for internships after arriving in the host country and must obtain the internship themselves. The ISEP fee is paid in a single instalment before the beginning of the exchange.


ISEP Direct is an alternative for students who only want to apply for a specific university or a most competitive university. On ISEP Direct, the participants are required to pay the tuition fees of the host university. Some universities only participate in ISEP Exchange and others solely in ISEP Direct. Many universities are also available through both programmes. The number of places available through Direct is not limited. That is, as long as the minimum academic requirements are met, applicants are guaranteed a place at the host university.

Please note that the application periods and practices of ISEP Direct differ from ISEP Exchange.

Tip: The tuition fees of universities participating in Direct can be viewed in the Find a Program section of the ISEP website, by clicking on ’Detail’ in the application menu above the universities in the sidebar. This will open a list showing all Exchange and Direct options. A single university can be listed more than once depending on the exchange programme (Exchange or Direct) and time (fall semester, spring semester, full year).

More information on the ISEP Direct programme is available on the ISEP website and UEF International Mobility Services.

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