How to get a UEF username?

Getting the UEF user account

You will need a UEF username during your studies at the university to gain access to the university’s network, WebOodi, email and Office 365 services, Moodle and the online services of the university library.

The UEF username is activated via UEF e-services using one’s personal online banking codes. If you currently have or have previously had a UEF username (e.g. Open University students, persons studying for a second degree), it can be activated by changing the password. Activation is not necessary for a new username.

You can activate your user account either
with one-time-code which you have received either at the registration or from the IT Service Desk.
with your online banking code.

Activating the username requires a valid study right. In other words, students who start their studies in the autumn can activate their usernames on or after 1 August, and students who start their studies in the spring can activate their usernames on or after 1 January.

The username will be available for use approximately one hour after its activation. Once you have activated your username, test that it works by logging in to WebOodi and checking your name and address details under Other -> Personal details.

All UEF students who activate their username are provided with a UEF email account which is set as the default email account for all UEF’s information system. Any email messages by the university are sent to the UEF email address. The email addresses of UEF students are always in the format Messages to your UEF email address can be redirected to your personal email.

Instructions on how to forward email from Office 365 to another email account.

The access rights associated with UEF usernames are based on a valid study right and having registered as present at the university. A student who registers as absent at the university will have access rights to WebOodi, but their access right to other online systems of the university will be restricted. Students who do not register as present or absent at the university will not be granted access rights to the university’s systems.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can change the password via the university’s e-services.

Read these instructions on how to change your password.

The password is valid for six months after it has been changed. The system will automatically send a notification to your student email address when it is time to change your password before it expires.

Remember also to change the passwords on all your mobile devices on which you access apps by using your UEF username. If you forget to change the password on your mobile devices, using your old password may lock your username.

If you have forgotten your password or your UEF username gets locked because you entered the wrong password too many times, the password can be changed by verifying your identity with your personal online banking codes.

To change the password, you can use the username-password combination, verify your identity with your personal online banking codes, or visit the university’s customer service point in person. Remember to bring your ID with you to the customer service point. We always check everyone’s identity.

The username and password are personal, do not let anyone use them on your behalf!