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ISYY’s Independence Day Torch Parades in Joensuu and Kuopio on 6.12.2018

The traditional Independence Day Torch Parades of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) will be held in Joensuu and Kuopio on 6.12.2018.

The Torch Parades are one of the oldest and most respected traditions of the Student Union and ISYY warmly welcomes all students to participate in them.

Detailed information on the Torch Parades below:


Independence Day Torch Parade in Joensuu on 6.12.2018
ISYY’s Independence Day Torch Parade, Joensuu Facebook event


Independence Day Torch Parade in Kuopio on 6.12.2018
ISYY’s Independence Day Torch Parade, Kuopio Facebook event

Survey About Nyyti Ry’s Veb Activities – Win a Gift Card to

We want to get feedback and suggestions for the future regarding Nyyti’s web activities, website, and online content. Your opinion is very important to us, and it will help us develop our operations so that we can provide even better service in the future. It only takes 5 – 10 minutes to fill out the survey.

The survey is meant both for students (secondary level and higher learning) and the professionals who work with them. The results shall be analysed in confidence and anonymously so that none of the participants can be identified based on the answers.

Those who leave their contact information get a chance to win a €100 gift card to in a raffle.

Student – use this link to take the survey:
Professional – use this link to take the survey:

Grant for studies and/or research period



Target groups and eligibility criteria

The Saastamoinen Foundation has donated EUR 10,000 to the University of Eastern Finland, to be used for the Anitta Etula Special Grant. The grant will be awarded to one Master’s level student with a doctoral study right or to one Doctoral student of the University of Eastern Finland for a study/research period abroad in 2019.

The application period is from 3 September to 15 November 2018.


Intended use of grant

The grant can be used to cover expenses incurred from studying and/or working abroad, such as travel expenses, living expenses, material and equipment costs, removal costs and insurance costs.  The grant can be used to cover tuition fees, course fees or conference costs due to a special reason.


The grant will not be awarded retrospectively.


If the student at the time of using the grant is in an employment relationship with the university, the student may be awarded a travel grant, but not a personal grant. In these cases, the travel grant awarded will be paid to the applicant’s department for covering the applicant’s travel expenses (an approved travel plan/travel permit is required).

Both a student who is in an employment relationship and a student who is not in an employment relationship with the university at the time of using the grant, can use the grant for material, equipment, removal, insurance etc. costs.

The grant may not be used for any other purpose than the one it has been granted for. The grant must also be used within the period of time mentioned in the application or agreed separately. The grant cannot be transferred or donated to a third party. Changes to the intended use and payment periods are possible only upon separate permission granted by the University of Eastern Finland. A request for changes should be addressed to Anitta Etula, anitta.etula [at]

The grant recipient must contact the Tax Administration him/herself in order to find out the tax implications related to the payment of the grant before the grant is paid out.


Duty to report
The grant recipient commits to reporting on the use of the grant no later than three months after the grant period has ended. Reporting instructions will be given in the Letter of Grant.

Application and attachments
The free-format application should include the following attachments as PDF files:

1.       Résumé/CV

2.       Transcript of academic records and possible list of publications

3.       Study and/or research plan for the grant period

4.       Travel plan and cost estimate

–          The travel plan must indicate the purpose and the period of time for which the grant is applied. Justifications for the importance of the trip in relation to the applicant’s study/research must also be presented in the plan. The budget must include an estimate of the expenses incurred, including the share of tickets, accommodation, living expenses and so on. Other potential sources of funding must also be mentioned.

5.       Letter of recommendation

–          A letter of recommendation written by the thesis supervisor.

A letter of invitation from the foreign host university/research institute will support the application.


Application period and announcement of the grant recipient

Applications for the grant must be submitted in accordance with this call for applications, and late applications will not be considered. Applications should be sent to Ms Kirsi Karjalainen: kirsi.karjalainen [at], and they will not be returned.

The decision on the recipient of the grant will be made in December 2018, and the decision will be announced on the University of Eastern Finland website. Applicants will not be personally informed of the decision.

For further information, please contact: Anitta Etula, anitta.etula [at], tel. +358 50 590 5012, and regarding the application process: Kirsi Karjalainen, kirsi.karjalainen [at] tel. +358 50 462 1267.