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University of Eastern Finland suspends the arrival of international exchange students for the spring semester [article]

Due to the coronavirus situation, the University of Eastern Finland has decided to suspend the arrival of international exchange students from abroad for the duration of the spring semester. The arrival of international exchange students is suspended until 31 July 2021. The arrival of international exchange students to the University of Eastern Finland was suspended […]

Exchange process in a nutshell [page]

Described here is how the exchange process works in general. Please make sure to go through more detailed instructions before starting your application. 1 Planning the exchange 2 Starting the application process (1. stage application) 3 Application processing 4 Nomination to the host university 5 Submitting an application to the host university (2. stage application) […]

AKT strike affects the library’s services [article]

Due to the strike of the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT, transport between the library offices is at a standstill, so the arrival of the reserved material may be delayed.   The strike may also affect the arrival of the latest printed journals.   According to current information, the strike will continue until 21 February […]

Reform of Finnish language education enhances international experts’ integration into Finnish society [article]

New narrative learning materials facilitate integration into Finnish society. The University of Eastern Finland is reforming its provision of Finnish language education available to international students and staff. As of autumn 2022, learners can start their Finnish language studies already before arriving in Finland. The selection of courses has been expanded to cater to the […]

Did you know that you can return books by mail as well? [article]

You can send books to the P. O. Box addresses of libraries at your own risk. It is noteworthy that the books should be sent from the Post Office. The library does not have a mobile phone number for arrival notices, so the package cannot be sent online. Mailed books are distributed directly to campus. 

The library’s customer registration form will be temporarily closed from 7 to 17 August [article]

Due to changes to the customer registration, the library’s customer registration form is not available from Fri 7 August to Mon 17 August. The forms that have arrived so far, we process in order of arrival. Due to the coronavirus situation, we ask our customers to consider the urgency of coming to the library or […]

Unifi: University entrance exams to be replaced by alternative admissions procedures this spring [article]

The Finnish universities have concluded that, due to the coronavirus situation, organising traditional entrance examinations is not possible without compromising the safety of those involved. What makes guaranteeing safety impossible is the severity of the pandemic, the difficulty of identifying those at a higher risk for serious illness, as well as the risks associated with […]

Visa and residence permit [page]

Passport In general, a foreign citizen must carry a valid passport in order to enter Finland. Finland is a Schengen country (the link opens up in a new tab) and usually the checks at the common borders have been abolished. But under special conditions the border check can be introduced. The Schengen Area consists of […]

Arriving on campus [page]

Arriving in Finland When planning your travels to Finland, please check the current instructions for border crossing with the Finnish border guard: (opens in a new tab). Getting to Helsinki (opens in a new tab) Travelling from Helsinki to your campus city Both campus cities Joensuu (about 440 kilometres north-east from Helsinki) and Kuopio […]