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Annual report 2021 of UEF Library [article]

The annual report 2021 of the University of Eastern Finland Library has been published. The format is new: The annual report consists of selected blog posts from the year 2021 describing our activities, and of an editorial that draws them together. As before, the statistics section and lists of library staff, publications, expert assignments, and […]

Methods of completing studies [page]

Study Regulations describe how studies can be completed, and units responsible for courses (in Peppi: course implementations) have the authority to define the ways of completing courses in their curricula, including evaluation of study attainments. Students can complete studies individually or in groups through a variety of written and oral methods, such as lectures and […]

Learn about Climate University courses! [article]

The University of Eastern Finland is a part of The Climate University network, coordinated by the University of Helsinki. Network has formed a teaching cooperation contract between 18 universities. With these new contracts, a majority of Finnish university students can take the network’s climate and sustainability themed courses. The first Climate University courses open to […]

Information about 10% contract of employment [page]

Grant researchers are warmly welcomed by the University of Eastern Finland to do their research here. The university offers grant researchers an opportunity to conclude a part-time (10%) contract of employment for everyone who has an external funding of at least 12 months and meets other criteria listed below. In practice this means that the […]

Moodle environment [page]

Student’s Moodle environment Moodle is an online learning environment that includes e.g. course materials, assignments and discussion areas. The University of Eastern Finland uses two different Moodle environments. The teacher in charge of the course will tell you where to find the course and what is the key required for the course. UEF-Moodle (opens in […]

Digistartti for new students is available now! [article]

Digistartti offers you an introduction to the digital study environments used at the University of Eastern Finland. We recommend that you complete the Digistartti assignments preferably before the beginning of your studies, and, at the latest, within two weeks after their start. You will find Digistartti in Kamu.

Share your views to contribute in an assessment of universities’ administrative autonomy – survey open until 7.2.2021 [article]

The Ministry of Education and Culture appointed on June 25th, 2020 a group to conduct an assessment of the status of administrative autonomy and its relationship with the provisions laid down in the Constitution. The assessment will take into account the tripartite university democracy. The group will additionally evaluate the need to specify the legislation […]

Data protection guide for students [page]

Do you process personal data in your assignments or thesis? Personal data means all information relating to a natural person that makes it possible to directly or indirectly identify the person. Direct identifiers include a person’s name, personal identity code, photo, video footage, voice recording, email address containing the person’s name, and handwritten signature. A […]

Support for academic supervisors [page]

A supervisor has a crucial role in progress of doctoral research. According to scientific studies: Satisfaction of the doctoral students increases if the supervisor and the doctoral student have a mutual understanding on the supervisor’s duties, and the contents and frequency of supervision (Pyhältö et al. 2015) Support from the supervisor and research community decreases […]