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ISYY’s Wappu-broadcast [article]

Vappu never ends! ISYY’s Wappu-broadcast begins today and starts The Hardest Wappu of Finland for this year. The broadcast can be followed daily through ISYY’s webpage: The broadcast includes all sorts of things and even though it is only in Finnish, you can have an extraordinary experience of the Finnish May Day celebrations! We especially […]

Post doctoral party, Karonkka [page]

The post-doctoral party, karonkka, taking place in the evening of the public examination is an old academic tradition. The post-doctoral party is held in the honour of the opponent and you act as the host or hostess of the party. You can decide the venue for the party. Choose a place that fits your budget […]

Campus pastors [page]

What is a campus pastor? Campus pastors are assigned by the Church on campuses for students and staff. They act in the university community as experts in communality and the growth, changes, and learning of personal life. Activities of the campus pastor The campus pastors offer individual guidance by offering verbal aid for personal growth […]