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Cross-institutional studies [page]

Cross-institutional studies are one form of educational cooperation between universities.For the student, cross-institutional studies offer more extensive options. Cross-institutional studies may be described as follows: • Student holds a valid study right at her/his home university which enables her/him to pursue studies at another university. The student must be present at the home university while […]

Tuition fees and waivers [page]

Tuition fee paymentsThe annual fee is paid in two equal instalments per academic year. If you are required to pay for tuition you must pay at least one instalment of the fee before the studies start. The payment due dates are: for autumn semester – 31 July for spring semester – 30 November UEF will […]

Methods of research and statistics [page]

Finnish Social Science Data Archive has published Research Methods Guidebook. Links to self-learning materials on selection of research methods can be found on the Library webpages. Method courses are also offered by some doctoral programmes as a part of their discipline-specific curriculum. Courses in statistics may be included in the doctoral degree if they comply with the study requirements. […]

Methods of completing studies [page]

Study Regulations describe how studies can be completed, and units responsible for courses (in Peppi: course implementations) have the authority to define the ways of completing courses in their curricula, including evaluation of study attainments. Students can complete studies individually or in groups through a variety of written and oral methods, such as lectures and […]

Kuopio Campus Christmas Party moved online due to the coronavirus situation [article]

The traditional Kuopio Campus Christmas Party on 15 December 2021 will be moved online because the coronavirus situation in the North-Savo region has deteriorated, and the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland has imposed a restriction on public gatherings. A link to the live stream event will be updated in the events calendar in […]

Are you a Master or PhD student interested in bioeconomy and entrepreneurship? [article]

Boost your curriculum with additional modules: moocs, quizzes, and face-to-face sessions during an intensive study week on 20-24 June, 2022 in Bologna. Apply to the program by December 10, 2021. Core modules – Introduction to bioeconomy – Accelerated sustainable entrepreneurship – Design thinking, creativity and innovative products – Knowledge management – Business management and finance […]

Peppi will take you from Oodi to the 2020’s this autumn! [article]

The new student data system Peppi will be deployed at UEF in three stages in October and November 2021 which also means saying goodbye to WebOodi. Peppi is an information system wherein different features are organized into virtual desktops based on user roles. Peppi comprises education planning, facility and resource reservations, and the student and […]

Have a say and give feedback [page]

Students of the University of Eastern Finland have several different possibilities for having a say in the operations of the university. Students may have a say in teaching, guidance, counselling and their development through the feedback they give. Feedback is regularly reviewed as part of the curriculum work and the teaching quality management system. Students […]

An almost normal start to the autumn term at the University of Eastern Finland [article]

The University of Eastern Finland aims to have everything running almost normally when the autumn term starts. At the moment, there is no reason why on-campus teaching should not continue, and teachers can use their own discretion when deciding how to carry out teaching. The progress of the coronavirus vaccination programme is taking us closer […]