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Survey about experiences on diversity, equality and inclusion [article]

Dear University of Eastern Finland student! We map students’ experiences on diversity, equality and inclusion in studies at the University of Eastern Finland. By answering this survey, you participate in developing practices and services at the University of Eastern Finland. Responding to the questionnaire takes only approx. 10-15 minutes. The survey closes on 14.1.2022.Go to […]

Equality [page]

According to the Equality Act, universities and other bodies providing education and training must ensure that women and men have equal opportunities for education, training and professional development, and that teaching, research and instructional materials support the attainment of equality (Section 5). Special attention must be given to equality and equal opportunity in student selections, […]

Providers of help [page]

The exceptional situation, for example coronavirus situation and Russia’s military attack on Ukrain, can cause negative feelings, such as concern, anxiety, or fear. But you don’t need to be alone with your thoughts. If you want to discuss or need help, you can always turn to us with a very low threshold. From this website […]

Inappropriate treatment and harassment [page]

The students of the University of Eastern Finland have the right to study in a safe and comfortable environment. All the university’s units must ensure that students do not experience harassment or inappropriate treatment when they participate in education or receive guidance. The university has zero tolerance for any type of inappropriate treatment, bullying and […]